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Transparent pricing. Smart, effective Care.

RTHM knows that transparent pricing in clinical care should be the standard. At RTHM, you'll find no hidden costs or fees, and you can choose to order recommended tests at your own financial pace. You can even ask for longer or shorter visits! We know you'll feel comfortable with your financial decision when you're with us.

RTHM Membership fee


Individual visits: 

60min visit:  $230/visit
45min visit:  $199/visit
30min visit:  $170/visit

Dietician or mental health therapist (optional): 

60min visit: $150/visit
45min visit: $125/visit

"My experience with several Long Covid clinics, purportedly from some of the best medical institutions in the world, was wholly unsatisfying. Oftentimes, the metric for my health was defined solely by the tests tests run, without much care for my input: if the Ultrasound came back OK, it must mean my heart is functioning well. In other cases, when doctors were determined to help, I would quickly realize the doctor was far less knowledgeable about Long Covid than I was. This is no fault to them, but the inevitable result of the blistering speed of Long Covid Research being published. Even in the best cases, individual clinics would have their single silver bullet. If this didn't work, they'd be quickly out of options.

RTHM was the first group I came to who was aware of all the possible LC etiological accounts, biomarkers, and potential treatments. I was confident they had done the wide-reaching due diligence that individual patients often need to do in addressing their own condition. They have, hands-down, the best viewpoint of the landscape of Long Covid that I have come across, after a very long search."
RTHM patient in California