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Jennifer Curtin, MD

Chief Medical Officer and Cofounder

Ryan Kellogg, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder

Michael Snyder, PhD

Cofounder and Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

Clinical team

Stuart Malcolm, MD

Medical Director

Leslie Conner, NP

Provider, RTHM Clinic

Cathy Tewolde, NP

Provider RTHM Clinic

Jamie Bishop, CMA

Medical Assistant

Jessi Noel, CMA

Medical Assistant

Cecil Moreno, CMA

Medical Assistant

Lab team

Yael Rosenberg-Hasson, PhD

R&D Director, RTHM Lab

Ian Simms

Operations Manager, RTHM Lab

Jimena Guerrero Parada

Laboratory Assistant, RTHM Lab

Tech team

Zach McMahon

Data Manager

Jille van der Togt

Data & AI Engineer

Alice Gottlieb

Data & AI Engineer

Product and finance team

Eduardo Bohrer

Director of Product Strategy

Solace Sonder

Product Designer

Zuzanna Michalewicz

Product & Web Design

Title and name


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