RTHM Community

Welcome to the RTHM Community. Here you will find a valuable resource designed to help those navigating a journey through Long COVID or other chronic and complex medical conditions, such as ME/CFS, MCAS, Dysautonomia, and more.

Why RTHM Community?

The RTHM Community delivers the latest research and educational content to help you become an informed patient and better understand the conditions affecting your quality of life. But it is not limited to just patients. The RTHM Community provides a wealth of knowledge for family members, caregivers, and even other medical professionals who are looking to learn more about these often-misunderstood conditions.

Access to Cutting Edge Research

The clinicians and support professionals at RTHM stay up to date on all the latest research coming out almost daily on Long COVID, ME/CFS, MCAS and other complex illnesses and comorbidities. These new studies are shared in the RTHM Community and often discussed in our live events or presentations.

Connect with Others Following a Similar Journey

When you are diagnosed with a complex illness like Long COVID or ME/CFS, it often feels as if you are fighting this battle alone. The RTHM Community brings together other patients navigating a similar health journey and allows you to connect, ask questions, and form friendships that can help you better navigate your journey.

Access to Doctors and Researchers

The RTHM clinicians and researchers are a part of the RTHM community and will often answer questions or host live events and Q&As.

Gain a Greater Understanding of Your Medical Conditions

The RTHM Community is packed full of educational information on many different medical conditions and is presented in layman’s terms, giving you the ability to better understand your conditions and become an active member of your medical team.

RTHM Community Membership

Membership in the RTHM Community is FREE and allows you access to a wealth of information. We look forward to you joining and becoming an active member of our community.