Patient Referrals

Comprehensive Care for Your Patient’s Unique Needs

RTHM has a focus on Long COVID, ME/CFS, POTS, and multiple conditions that frequently co-occur, like mast cell disorders, IBS, certain types of autoimmunity, and more. RTHM’s co-founders got into this area of medicine and research because they had these conditions themselves and each had a different path to significant improvements. Our goal is to shorten that path to improvement for others with these conditions.

Is Your Patient a Good Match for RTHM?

At RTHM, our care is highly specialized and intensive.  As a result, our clinic has strict acceptance criteria to ensure optimal outcomes.  When thinking about who to refer to RTHM, please consider these requirements:


Patients must be 18 or older.

Geographic Location

RTHM sees patients in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Washington State.

Health Conditions

You suspect your patient has one of the following conditions: Long COVID, ME/CFS, COVID vaccine-related illness, mast cell activation, dysautonomia (Such as POTS), IBS, or SIBO.

Primary Care Clinician

RTHM is a telehealth clinic & functions similarly to a specialist consultant for complex illnesses. We require all patients to have a local primary care clinician they can see for routine care needs (like age-appropriate screenings), acute/urgent care issues, and physical exams when needed.


Patients must have PPO insurance. We do not accept patients with Kaiser, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or TriCare. Our labs are extensive and usually not covered by non-PPO plans.


Financial Commitment

We currently do not take insurance for our concierge fee and recommend that our patients have the financial capacity to support their care out of pocket. PPO insurance helps cover laboratory testing, imaging, and some treatments.


Your patient is willing & able to leave the home for imaging, blood tests, or other in-person exams as needed.

Commitment to Care

We ask that patients commit to a minimum of 3 months of care with us due to the thoroughness of our evaluations, the complexity of their illness, and the time it may take to complete specific tests.

Data-Driven Care

Data is essential to best evaluate symptoms, as well as specific treatments and how they are working to improve the health of your patient. Because research plays a vital role in our treatment model, patients must be willing to share data for research purposes. We also ask that patients spend 1 minute per day to track symptoms, medication, supplements, and diet changes every day using our web app.

How to Refer Your Patients?

Click on the button below to provide your referral information and receive a new patient application link you can share easily with your patient.


Dedicated Specialization

Our clinicians are leading experts in complex illnesses like Long COVID and ME/CFS. Every RTHM clinician completes >150 hours of training specific to these illnesses and the team meets weekly to discuss cases and new research in the field.

Research-Informed Therapies

We constantly update our treatment approaches based on current research, trials, and what works best in our patients with similar presentations.

Thorough Testing

We test for over 300 biomarkers to gain a comprehensive understanding of your patient’s unique situation.

Don’t lose touch

Your patients are important to you. Referring clinicians are welcome to stay involved in the process through note-sharing and visit participation.

Meet the RTHM Team

RTHM was started by experts in the research and care of complex illnesses. Every RTHM clinician listens to their patients, loves to learn, and thinks outside of the box in pursuit of patient care. Learn more about our founders, clinicians, and support staff on the RTHM team page.

Dr. Jennifer Curtin, Chief Medical Officer and RTHM Cofounder

Dr. Stuart Malcolm, Medical Director

Leslie Conner, NP, Clinician

Cathy Tewolde, Clinician