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Ryan Kellogg, PhD

Dr. Kellogg’s experience with complex illness led him to pioneer the technology for molecular profiling using self-collected blood microsamples. This allows for a better understanding of health fluctuations and the impacts of health interventions. When combined with wearable sensors and symptom tracking, this technology allows for real-time health monitoring and pattern discovery with unprecedented resolution.

Dr. Curtin is a physician and post-viral illness expert specializing in myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) and its comorbidities. She is a member of the ME/CFS Clinician Coalition and co-authored the official clinical guidance for ME/CFS. Dr. Curtin has a personal understanding of the difficulties Long COVID patients experience as she is a mostly recovered ME/CFS patient herself. She understands the urgency that is necessary to understand Long COVID and bring her clinical expertise to the millions of patients currently seeking help.

Jennifer M. Curtin MD

Jennifer Curtin, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Michael Snyder

Michael Snyder, PhD
Chair, Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Snyder is the head of Stanford’s Healthcare Innovation Lab, co-founder of multiple companies, and a pioneer in the use of wearable devices and app-collected data to understand, detect, and even predict changes in general health and disease. This technology allowed him to predict, detect, and correct his own post-viral diabetes. It is this wearable technology and health-tracking capabilities that play a key role in the treatment process here at RTHM.

Clinical Team

Dr. Malcolm is an internal medicine physician. He started treating Long COVID in March 2020 and has treated almost 100 patients with this illness (including patients with post vaccine issues). Prior to RTHM, he was a primary care doctor with One Medical, where he saw how technology can advance medical care. He also served as a doctor at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, the oldest free clinic in the United States, and understands the importance of access to care. He believes that RTHM has the approach to cure Long COVID. He is excited to dedicate himself fully to this terrible illness.

Stuart Malcolm, MD
Clinic Director and Lead Physician

Melanie Minor, CMA
Lead Care Coordinator

Melanie is an experienced Medical Assistant with a degree in Neuroscience from University College Dublin, Ireland. This knowledge base, paired with her own life-altering complex illness, gives her a strong understanding and unique perspective of how illnesses such as Long COVID can affect a person as a whole, mind and body. Since March 2020, she has chosen to work on the COVID front lines; starting in the ICU, then transitioning to school Isolation Rooms. Now, she is excited to team up with RTHM against Long COVID in search of a solution.