Your Journey with RTHM

A journey of discovery and relentless pursuit towards better health. We aim to provide patients with a comprehensive assessment of their health concerns, partnership in learning what works for them, and adaptability to try the next best therapy.

Patient smiling subtly while seated comfortably in a chair, knowing she is being taken care of, symbolizing the supportive and patient-focused care at RTHM.
Phase 1

Comprehensive Assessment

Detailed holistic assessment of your health including retrieval and synthesis of your existing medical data, in-depth lab testing, physiological measures at home, and validated questionnaires

Meet your care team

Initial visits with your care navigator and provider usually take place within 4 weeks of joining RTHM

Comprehensive lab testing

Thorough lab tests covering coagulopathy and microclots, nutrient deficiencies, viral persistence, mast cell activation, autoimmunity, hormones, and other areas to discover potential sources of your illness

Compiling your medical story

We retrieve and digitize your historical medical records and chronology to fully understand your medical story

Quantitative diagnostic assessment

Detailed assessment to quantify to likelihood for having certain conditions and establish an initial baseline for treatments

Wearables syncing

Connection to wearables allows our system to analyze your past data and track improvements with treatment

At-home physiological testing (in development)

Access to informative physiological testing from the comfort of your own home

Phase 2

Treat and Track

We believe in an iterative approach to finding what works for your personalized health needs and quickly adapting your treatment plan based on the most recent research covering your condition.

Data-directed treatment

We select and initiate treatment for you based on what has worked for others with a similar health profile

Assess and iterate

For each treatment, we assess its impact on your health and adjust or add treatments predicted to benefit you

RTHM Brain Trust

Periodically your care is reviewed by a cohort of RTHM clinicians to obtain additional perspectives and input

Daily Check-in (in development)

Each evening you record changes in your symptoms, medications, and diet that day to measure response to treatment and discovery patterns.

Care navigation

Your RTHM care team helps you with logistical aspects of your care, including referrals, prior authorizations, and disability paperwork

Education Portal & Community

We consistently update the education portal for the latest research and enable discussion amongst patients through a community

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Phase 3

Maintenance & Prevention

After achieving stable resolution of most your symptoms, we focus on increasing your resilience to health challenges and preventing future issues

Continuous monitoring

We continue to monitor labs tailored your specific case paired with data from your wearable device to predict and prevent adverse health events

Flare Care

If you do experience a flare or crash, your RTHM care team will help you promptly

Longevity-promoting treatments

Regular risk factors apply to chronic illness patients too and our monitoring platform will help keep you at your best

Addressing long-term risks

Even those who recover fully from complex conditions like Long COVID have increased risk of cardiovascular events, neurological disorders, and cancer. We proactively assess and keep you updated of the latest prevention tactics

Get Started


New Patient Application

Complete the new patient application on the website confirming that you and RTHM and are good fit.


Discovery Call

Schedule a discovery call with a health advisor to explore your condition and how the RTHM team may help.


Acceptance Letter and Kick Off

Sign up for the membership, register with the patient portal, and meet your care navigator to kick off your journey!

When I think of my RTHM experience, I feel as if I have a personal advocate in the leading edge of Long COVID understanding and treatments. The breadth and reach of my RTHM team's knowledge and research for Long COVID medicines, treatments, concepts and their ability to get them across to me is awesome."

Tom M.

I highly recommend RTHM…Dr Curtin and her team have gone above and beyond to pour through my 100s of records - labs, scans, reports and consult summaries."

Ann M.

RTHM was the first group I came to who was aware of all the possible LC etiological accounts, biomarkers, and potential treatments. I was confident they had done the wide-reaching due diligence that individual patients often need to do in addressing their own condition. They have, hands-down, the best viewpoint of the landscape of Long Covid that I have come across, after a very long search."

Sean M.

RTHM has given me hope, they know so much more than I ever could and keep on top of all the research so I can do other things with my life. Even better, when medically appropriate, they are willing to try any modality of treatment. Nothing is off the table."

Stuart S.

There is a reason I tell everyone suffering from long COVID that the most important thing they need to do is get in touch with RTHM: because I believe RTHM gave me my life back."

John K.