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Creating a Health Snapshot Sheet

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If you are new to infection-associated chronic conditions, such as ME/CFS or Long COVID, it can be very overwhelming. Trying to keep track of new diagnoses, tests, procedures, and medications can make your head spin, and with symptoms such as brain fog, it can be near impossible to recall important information when seeing a new healthcare provider.  In this case, a simple “health snapshot sheet” allows you to keep track of your current healthcare situation and provide critical information to new providers.

Information to Include in Your Health Snapshot Sheet

The goal of a health snapshot sheet is to create a single page of all your critical health information that a provider can quickly read when you come in for a new appointment or an emergency. We have provided some sample PDF Health Snapshot Sheets below that you can download to use or you can simply create your own. Information to include in your health snapshot sheet can include:

  • Your basic contact information
  • Your height and weight, blood pressure, and HR 
  • Recent testing you’ve had (labs, imaging, EKGs)
  • Current medical conditions
  • Previous surgeries
  • Previous injuries
  • Past medical conditions (that you no longer have)
  • Current list of medications
  • Allergies
  • Assistive devices you use
  • A list of current healthcare providers
  • Medical insurance information

Health Snapshot Sheet 1
Health Snapshot Sheet 2

The Benefits of Maintaining a Health Snapshot Sheet

Maintaining an up-to-date Health Snapshot Sheet helps to ensure that you always have your most accurate medical information at your fingertips. This can be beneficial when it comes to making new healthcare decisions, preventing potential medical errors, and allowing for better communication with new healthcare providers. In emergency situations, the information on your Health Snapshot Sheet can provide the necessary information that first responders need in order to provide you with life-saving care.

RTHM providers and support team members understand the importance of maintaining a Health Snapshot Sheet. If you have any questions or concerns when it comes to your Health Snapshot Sheet, join the RTHM community where you can interact with others living with complex illnesses as well as RTHM team members who can answer your questions. Join the RTHM community HERE

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